What would one more client a month do for your business? How about two?

Are you finally ready to learn how to Build Your Business on LinkedIn?

I designed the Challenge so you could get to a significant win quickly and see that LinkedIn really does work.

Once you get your first 'win' you will be motivated to use LinkedIn more, and the effect snowballs.

This On-Demand 10-Day Challenge of Intensive Business Development Training includes:

  • Introduced to a wide variety of ways to build relationships

  • Promote what you do

  • Learn what Digital Relationship Building is all about

The idea is that if 1 or 2 of the ideas really 'hit' for you, it will change the way you think about LinkedIn.

It will change your habits and motivation.

I want everyone to have an early win and experience success.

One participant had 4 new appointments by Day 5. What would an extra client per month allow for you?

There is a pipeline waiting for you to tap into. People that already know you. And, who need what you have to offer.

LinkedIn can be a gamechanger - even for those uncomfortable with self-promotion. This is an excellent way to get more comfortable actually using LinkedIn.

With more confidence and know-how, what could you accomplish?

Register NOW to get the full 10-Day Challenge experience for just $397!

How does it work?

Each day, Monday - Friday for 2 weeks, you will receive

  • Brief email lesson including a short (3 - 7 min) video and a worksheet

  • Script or template to use

  • Action Step to complete on LinkedIn

  • Daily commitment is 20 - 30 minutes

You can complete the challenge any time you like.

The videos are all on a YouTube Channel that is updated with new material every week. Currently, there are over 20 worksheets, templates, scripts, and outlines available with the program. And over 70 videos.

You can complete the challenge any time you like. One client did all 5 days over the weekend, each week. Go at your own pace.

"Angela's 10 Day Challenge gave me straightforward, to-the-point, quick-to-do ideas that transformed how I use Linkedin.

No fluff, no long-winded explanations, just 10 minutes a day of pure gold. I have now hired her as my Linkedin/Business coach.

Angela has a unique ability to zone in on what I need to accomplish and provide just the right idea to take the next step. I love her energy and enthusiasm."

Joe Kane, Igniting Positive Dynamic Organizations - Story Collector / Teacher / Coach

What's Included.

  • 3 - 7 minute Video each day

  • 10 email Lessons

  • Scripts, Templates, Worksheets

  • 30-minute Personal Strategy Session

  • Additional materials for Professional Branding

  • Monthly Live Q & A sessions

  • Access to additional YouTube Instructional Videos (new videos added frequently)

PLUS ... 4 Bonus gifts after completion!!

--> Including a OOO Message Template that books appointments for you while you’re gone

Won't you join us and expand your business and confidence using LinkedIn?!


"Angela's 10-Day LinkedIn Challenge was able to break down what seemed quite intimidating material, into easy step-by-step instructions.

Working with Angela has increased my confidence and helped me make great connections. Angela is a kind, patient, enthusiastic and generous teacher, who I continue learning from. I recommend her highly!"

Suzanne Alfandari, MS, LMFT, Motivational Interviewing Trainer, EFT Tapping Trainer, and Licensed Therapist